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 multi media 

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 rural hills 

 brief as a comet 

 one man wizard show 


if you ever wanted to join a growing team of thought specialists...
we do not exactly do nothing but rather philosophize over the various possibilities of every single second of time realized thorughout one's existence. to virtually create projects in the mind and pat each other on the back for the minimal output physically existing int he world.
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want to hang out, get blazed and throw down some super-fresh low fi sounds for your demo? the recordings may not sound good but we'll keep getting more wrecked until it sounds like the beatles in your mind, man. analog and digital available.



do you need a cool looking psychedelic freak out video to sync up to your low fi masterpiece that doesn't make sense to your co-workers? only hand picked, personally chosen clips, cleared by the FBI contained within. copyright, shmopyright.



inspiration comes in many forms. paths go in many directions. everything you need is what you already have. what you already have is what everyone needs. flow within. water flows. flow like water. water yourself. grow.

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